musings from bastardo
most of the details have escaped me
...however, I do live in San Diego with my beautiful
and wonderful partner Lisa, and our two cats. I have a
lovely daughter Alix, a son Dave and his wife Steph
and four grand children. I own and operate Dove
Custom Picture Framing and Art Restoration

There is a BS Degree on the wall and years of work in
the construction and health care industry behind
me...blah, blah, blah.

I see the world through a lens that is a bit skewered
and picks up the human folly and attempts to turn
that into humor.  That humor and hopefully some
wisdom draws from the half truths, shallowness and
inequities in our daily lives and political arena.

My biggest influence was Bill Mauldin the cartoonist
famous for his "Willy and Joe" WWII depictions of
army life in Europe. His book "Up Front" was my text
book for cartooning and displayed his ability to show
the life in the trenches at the expense of some of the
top brass who had no clue and little regard for  what
the foot soldier was going through.

Not to say that I do not try to find the beauty and
classic lines of nature, machines and other subjects
that I paint, draw and write about. It is more than the
lines or paint that I attempt to portray in my work
and it usually comes with a slight twist of one thing
or the other.
my cranberry  ©  2014